How It All Started


We got married in 2018, with a background working in weddings, I knew everything I wanted for my wedding. Like other brides I put a lot of time into planning a wedding.

Intricate details, colour schemes, a songs were poured over. Hours were spent doing research online, lots of things happened, friends did and said lots, too much to even remember after the fact.

We also knew or felt we asked a lot of our guests, by having our wedding abroad, with a dress code, boats to catch, rules about social media posting and so many other things.

So after you have spent an eternity planning a wedding, and the day is over, you have your photos and video as memories. If you were anything like us however, this was not enough it itself. We put a lot of time, emotion and finance into our wedding and we wanted to remember things leading up to the day, things that were not recorded, feelings and so much more.

Saying Thank You After Planning a Wedding

How could we thank our guests in a different way to a thank you card, a card just did not seem enough.

There were so many photos from our first parts of planning our day, to our post wedding shoot, we wanted to also include these in our memory of the day, but not in an album. They just would not look right in a formal wedding album next to the professional photographer shots.

Our wedding also featured in Brides Magazine, the UK’s number one bridal magazine. The feature was lovely to see, but again, there was so much more we wanted to say … this is how The Wedding Magazine was conceived.

The reactions from our family and friends was so positive, in fact amazing, that we decided to open the service out to other couples who also wanted something different.

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